Conquest Of ---

Good triumphs over evil, so all are told.

Conquest Of —

Good triumphs over evil,
  so all are told.
Existing since time began
  unknown eons ago.
The story of Belinda
  and the devil they say
Is true as can be.
  Others explain it away.

Belinda was a faithful child;
  defeating evil was her goal.
The devil kept close watch;
  vowing to steal her soul.
Possessed of pure beauty,
  Belinda sustained a simple life.
So the devil came disguised;
  to take her for his wife.

"Everything you want," said he,
  "I can make come true,"
"Take my hand, follow me,"
  "Come live where I do."
"Marry me, Belinda,"
  "Do it today."
"I'll cast a spell on you,"
  "You'll be mine anyway."

With a smile, Belinda said,
  "There is nothing you can do."
"I'm protected by the Lord,"
  "My soul will never belong to you."
Lightening, thunder, blackened sky,
  stones and solid ground did shake.
Angered by her rejecting words,
  his mightiest spell satan did make.

"My strongest spell I did cast."
  "How could it lose?"
"What can be offered?"
  "That you will not refuse?"
Haltingly a smile came - then -
  "Ten souls for mine," said she;
"Save ten souls for God,"
  "That's the price you'll pay for me."

Twn souls - that's all - you fool.
  It was too good to be true!
Satan agreed with a nod.
  She was worth twenty - plus two.
Quickly satan did just that,
  saved ten souls that day.
Cheerfully, Belinda and God
  both got their way.

The devil was turned out of hell
  upon saving his first soul.
God gave him a place with Belinda;
  he had nowhere else to go.
Somewhere just outside of heaven,
  Belinda and a reformed devil share.
A stranger sight there cannot be
  when God goes visiting there.

Stranger still is that satan
  is still saving souls.
He knows tricks other devils play,
  knows how to keep them from their goal.
If you pray and find a devil,
  listen very carefully.
Trust him only if he smiles
  and says; "Belinda sent me."

On that day you'll be saved.
  Somehow obtain paradise above.
Between God, Belinda and a reformed devil.
  Safely kept are you - with love!