Iptsy-Tipsy World

The moon shines in the daytime, starlight comes at noon.

Iptsy-Tipsy World

The moon shines in the daytime,
Starlight comes at noon.
Nightlife finds the bright hot sun,
Shining like a square balloon.
Let's put the cart before the horse,
And wake by a hen that crows.
Children play in purple clouds,
Orange grass from the sky does grow.

North is south and east walked west,
[alternate: North, of course, is south and east walked west,]
And the spinning earth just stopped.
The universe did a perfect flip,
South landed right on top - kerplop!
I just heard a croaking bird,
Hopping in a bubble-bath pond.
A chirping frog now flies around,
A big weeping willow log.

If you're an hour behind, you're a day ahead,
And the world turned outside in.
Tomorrow will soon be yesterday,
Today is gone but it didn't begin.
The sun rotates around the earth,
So there's peace down here below.
The place is filled with joy and love,
Hate is a word we don't know.

I think you'll like my new and happy world,
A rightside up, crazy, funny place.
This mixed-up, nothing's wrong type world,
For an iptsy, tipsy human race!