Shared Ramblings

Awed, we enjoyed the scarlet sun

Shared Ramblings

Awed, we enjoyed the scarlet sun;
  two sentinels upon the shore.
  Keeping watch through translucent hours,
  pondering what life held in store.

Capturing final strands of light,
  he sat - warmed by the fading sun;
  while fingers of dusk settled about,
  upon the shore he heard me run.

I kissed his cheek - watched him smile;
  sat beside him - held his hand;
  gaily confessed my youthful dreams,
  knew so well he'd understand.

Haltingly, he began to speak,
  of his past, of bygone years.
  Somehow forced his trembling lips
  to tell of life through trickling tears.

He spoke of butterflies with fairy wings;
  talked of powdered-sugar snow,
  of frosted stars, crushed-velvet skies,
  of many things I'd yet to know.

Exhausted, he finished with a sigh,
  and the greatest treasure was given me;
  golden moments of precious time shared,
  with the crippled old man who could not see.