Shine Again

Were you born with vision?

Shine Again

Were you born with vision
  to oberver the light of day,
  to enjoy the wonderous splendor
  of this gracious world
  as you journeyed along the way?
I was.

Did the brightness of time
  dim slowly to shadows deep,
  while no hope was given
  for sight to be restored;
  just memories of yesterday creep?
Mine did.

Have you believed in Jesus
  and all His mighty deeds,
  that once again He would
  perform another miracle?
  One you might receive?
I have.

Who was the one who heard
  my painful, sobbing plea?
  Who reached His tender hand,
  provided a healing man
  so again I could see?
GOD was.

Who finds the way among the shadows,
  the truth from deep within?
  Who feels the strength of
  the Father and knows His son -
  The Light - doth shine again?
I do.