Going Home

Again to see the mountains strong against the sky.

Going Home

Again to see the mountains,
  strong against the sky,
  feel the blazing, heated desert,
  stinging sand, prickly cacti.

Remember the desert sunrise,
  God's purity of light,
  painted on a sandy floor,
  color spectrum, end of night.

Oceans of nothingness,
  as far as dreams do seek,
  tidal crests upon the rise,
  sun-bakes a perfect peak.

Longing for home again,
  once before I die,
  mountain and desert memories,
  just to say 'good-bye'.

See a tumbleweed roll by,
  hot sand beneath my feet,
  touch a brown horned--toad,
  smell a cactus bloom so sweet.

Walk again on a mountain trail,
  starlit sky extended casually,
  stretch my hand a final farewell,
  reach out and touch eternity.