The Magical Dance

"​…boy I exist, waiting for you in a coffin made of glass…"

Belldandy and Keiichi wandered off to the dance floor, and proceeded to whirl amid the other fast-paced dancers. “I didn’t know Keiichi could dance,” Skuld observed.

“Come on, Skuld!” Urd grabbed Skuld’s arm and headed for the karaoke stage. The English-language dance song pumped its way through the speakers, and Urd and Skuld sang in chorus:

“Kiss me baby
I’m attractive baby
Get to know me
Show who you are
Give me that music baby
I’m eternal
Lying in a coffin
Waiting for you”

On the dance floor, Keiichi and Belldandy were dancing up a storm. Damn, they look good together! thought Urd.

“In your dream, a girl is dancing close to you…"

“…that girl is me,” Belldandy smiled, close to Keiichi’s ear. Through the second verse, Belldandy and Keiichi danced close together. The crowd, as if feeling the energy between Belldandy and Keiichi, danced faster and faster.

At “dancing for magic,” Belldandy whirled around and seperated herself from Keiichi. Continuing to move around Keiichi, she moved her arms in a complex pattern. It appeared to Keiichi that Belldandy was a few centimeters taller than a moment ago. Glancing at the stage, Keiichi saw that Urd was standing, her arms moving in the same rhythms as Belldandy’s.

Suddenly, a small sphere took form above Urd’s head. Before Keiichi could blink twice, the sphere expanded and dissipated. As if from a coma, the other people on the dance floor were more energetic than before, laughing and dancing furiously to the beat.

"​…come on baby…" Urd looked out at the crowd of dancers, and joined back with the chorus:

"​…waiting for magic baby
I am Snow White
Sleeping in a coffin
Waiting for you”

Through the last few bars of the song, the crowd danced in a fever pitch. As the song ended, the dancers slowed down somewhat, out of breath. However, before Urd and Skuld could put their microphones down, and before the dancers had time to breathe…

“You’re giving me hope
I’m moving back in time”

Urd shrugged, glanced at Skuld, and sang with the chorus. Keiichi and Belldandy looked at each other for a moment, and started up again…


Number 2 in a series of vignettes. Yeah, so I was listening to Ace of Base, randomly sifting through their album “The Sign” when “Waiting for Magic” and “My Mind” pop up, back to back… so of COURSE something like this comes to mind…!

19 Nov 1995


Part of the Vignettes series:

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