A good start to the summer movie season

Summer 2003 movies.

Saw X2 earlier today. It’s a very good start to the summer season. A decent plot, character development (for an action movie), and good effects make this two-and-a-half hour thrill ride go quick! I never did read “superhero” comics that much, but I really enjoy the live-action X-men. As long as the filmmakers don’t make the movie cartoony (ref. Batman movies 2+), I’m game for a third movie.

That said, there’s only one movie event this summer: The Matrix Reloaded. Watch the trailer, or if you caught Final Flight of the Osiris at the front of Dreamcatcher, you see why the Matrix trilogy is this generation’s Star Wars. Truly astounding real and virtual camerawork and effects set the standard for many types of movies. (Check out this Wired article.) Witness The Others, a movie that unless you read the behind-the-scenes, may not have realized contains a large amount of effects shots for a drama.

Terminator 3 is of course due this summer, but is it worth it? The first movie is a must-see sci-fi classic. T2 told a compelling story and brought closure to the War Against the Machines. According to the site, T3 appears to be a rehash of T2: John Connor, ten years older, is what in Max Headroom would call a “blank reg”, no credit cards, phone, doesn’t use the main power grid, etc. Somehow, terminator T-X comes to exterminate John. But wait! terminator Cyberdyne model 101 (Ahnold) is back for a third time to save his butt and prevent the looming apocalypse. Ugh. (I’ll probably see it anyway.)

Other movies I’m watching for… The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Bruce Almighty, and of course, the culmination of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Return of the King.