Pet peeves

Oh joy, two of my top pet peeves came together today… grocery stores and stupid driving.

Why oh why do grocery stores use tiny plastic bags? I went to the store today, and I got 6 plastic bags when I checked out. This is stuff that would have easily fit into 3 paper sacks. Not to leave any one out, but let’s talk about Wal-Mart and Kroger. Both stores give you these tiny plastic bags when you check out. They’re thin, flimsy (you need 2 bags to hold 2 2-liter bottles of your favorite soft drink), and exceedingly difficult to manage. Put them in your car seat, but don’t expect them to stay there - round a corner or brake too suddenly, and they’re on the floor. Last time I remembered to ask for paper sacks (why do I have to ask, why don’t the clerks ask me?), a lot more groceries fit in them (when the clerks pack the bags correctly, and I don’t mean heavy), and they had a better tendency to stay where you put them (if they’re not top-heavy). Aren’t almost all the paper sacks nowadays recycled paper? Where do new plastic bags come from?

And it’s only with the other pet peeve, driving stupidity, that got to me today. Hint: if you’re in the inside lane trying to make a left turn, use the turn lane! I’m coming up behind this car, her (yes it was a her, I looked, I’m not picking on women drivers here) left signal on, and slowing down. I’m thinking to myself, “There a turn lane, get in the turn lane” but it never happens. When I brake, a lot of the plastic grocery bags on the seat decided they liked the floor better (this would not have happened with paper). I’m not the best driver, and I know I’m not, but I do know the rules of the road (don’t even ask me about N-way stops). Another hint: if you know you’re going to make a right turn, get in the correct lane ahead of time! It amazes me how many people make a right (or left) turn and decide at the last minute they’re in the wrong lane. And we won’t get into what happens when a four-lane street merges down to two lanes…

Other updates: Went to see the Matrix Reloaded, a good movie, but more evolutionary cinematography-wise than revolutionary that the first Matrix was… The story’s getting there, and wasn’t Seraph so cool? The 15 minute chase near the end was really nice (but not without its glitches). Bruce Almighty was a decent Jim Carey movie, a little more preachy, but good nonetheless. “I got the power” indeed.