In dark dark places

…lies the Underworld. An interesting take on the vampire and werewolf mythologies.

The vampires, of course, can’t tolerate daylight (duh), but are super-strong and very quick. To me though, the werewolves were way cooler. In human form, they aren’t too menacing to the vampires, but in their were form, they are bad-ass. Vampires seemed rather weak against a werewolf in were form, the were’s huge size, strength and speed pretty much overshadow vampires. I liked it. It was a little Matrix-y, with the martial arts and wirework, but not bad. I really liked how the movie showcased the vampire’s speed. The thing that struck me was it appeared the vampires didn’t have their speed “turned on” all the time; it seemed to be a conscious effort. Even the elder vampires weren’t supernaturally fast all the time.

We really didn’t see much of the werewolf mythos, other than they were clannish (think pack of wolves, ha!) and nearly driven to extinction by the vampires. We do learn that the werewolves can, for the most part, control when they change in and out of were form.

It was good, the right amount of action (lots) and plot (enough to drive the story) for a decent summer movie. It begged for a sequel, which will probably happen.

Also due out: Alien, the director’s edition. A re-showing of the 1979 classic, which masterfully induced fear without giving everything away. From the previews, it looks like the alien will make more appearences in the movie. I’m split over this, I feel a lot of what Alien offered wasn’t shown on purpose. Hopefully the new edition won’t cheapen an excellent movie.

Speaking of movies that don’t hold back, Resident Evil: Apocalypse is due in 2004. The preview is well done, as a health-aid/skin care advertisement. Based on what we know from the first RE, this one will blend the games RE2 (Raccoon City) and RE3 (Nemesis). I enjoyed the first movie, I thought it brought enough of the RE experience for non-game players. Maybe we’ll remember the character’s names in the sequel. :)