Just like we saw Chi from Chobits at Otakon 2003, Otakon 2004 will probably be the year of Robin.

With lots of fanfare, Bandai’s Otakon booth largely featured Witch Hunter Robin, which is now on DVD. The first disc contains 5 episodes, of what looks like a 4 or 5 volume set. As is becoming more common with anime releases, Robin is available as a deluxe boxed set which contains the volume 1 DVD, CD soundtrack, 2 small cels, a shot glass (ano, beverage glass), and a T-shirt. I’ve only watched two episodes of the five on the disc, and I like what’s there. Robin is a 15-16 year old girl from Italy who is reassigned to the Japan branch of “witch hunters”. Robin herself possesses “craft” powers but aren’t fully developed. I think I’ll like this series a lot.

I listened to Emily Autumn’s CD Enchant today. I can’t really classify her sound, but there’s a little Fiona Apple, Norah Jones, Garbage, and Ani DiFranco in it. She’s a trained violinist, and uses a PowerBook as her sequencer. And did I mention you can download the whole Enchant album for free? Legally? Go check it out, then buy her Enchant and Chambermaid CDs.