I know, no posts for a while………

I just got back from watching The Village. Yep, there was a twist, and I was actually right about what it was. Just let me ask you this: why would a blind girl be sent from the village to the towns to get medicine? The weirdest reason I could think of, was what happened. Cool music, very fitting for the film.

The coolest thing about this movie is there are no “special effects” to speak of. Everything in the film is camerawork, expertly performed. Unlike The Others, where a lot of special effects went into making that movie look period (CGI fog, color fading and masking, green screen).

This is more in the scary drama/horror, not gory-also like The Others. A nice change from other “horror” films where apparently horror = blood & guts. A decent movie for a few jumps in the chair. I liked it.