The Internet is what you make it

I’m getting sick and tired of the press slamming the Internet (aka the World Wide Web). The straw, so to speak, was this story on Yahoo.

Some members of Apple’s beta preview group illegally dispersed a preview copy of Apple’s OS X operating system to the Internet. I’m one hundred percent for Apple protecting their intellectual property rights and NDAs. That’s not the issue. The issue is the author’s statement (emphasis mine):

According to the suit, the men released the software on a Web site that employs BitTorrent file-sharing technology, which is used to rapidly distribute large files of electronic data, and is also widely used to distribute pirated copies of motion pictures via the Internet.

The emphasized portion is shaded as fact, but is likely the opinion of the author, Duncan Martell. I’m not saying it’s false, but it’s certainly a half truth. The author is trying to paint the BitTorrent technology as a conspirator in the illegal distribution process. That’s like saying those yellow pages are bad because they have a category for escort services.

People, let’s get this straight: the Internet is what you make of it. Looking for porn, free movies, cracked programs? Yes, you can find it. Performing research, or looking for the latest Linux or GNU programs? Those are out there too. The same goes for BitTorrent. BitTorrent, like the Internet, allows you to share anything you want. It’s just as easy to Google for linux filetype:torrent as polar express filetype:torrent.

If you go to questionable sites, expect to see questionable materials. Also expect to have your web browser crash, pop-up screens everywhere, and be caught in a “web site from hell”. You get what you look for.