A question of tactics

I’m a huge Battlestar Galactica fan. It’s arguably one of the best dramas running today, that just happens to be sci-fi.

The one thing that bothers about space-oriented shows is the lack of “three dimensional thinking.” Star Trek viewers may recognize that phrase from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Spock noted while Khan is a genius, his tactical decisions are two-dimensional.

What I mean here is whenever you see spaceships meeting each other, they are on the same elliptic plane, oriented toward each other in a “right side up” manner. Only rarely do you see ships approach each other in a true 3D manner.

For the most part, Battlestar Galactica does a decent job of 3D thinking and ship orientation. However, I expected the Cylon to heavily use non-traditional strategy and tactics.

Example: why is it whenever one or more Cylon base ships appear, they automatically target and engage the Galactica? Were I the Cylon, I would use three or four base ships and surround the Colonial fleet. Why engage the military presence when I can destroy the civilian fleet. After all, the Cylon nuked the Colonial home worlds. Use the sleeper agents in the fleet to find the key Colonial ships (for example, the ore/fuel transport), jump in, fire some missiles at the selected target, and jump away before the military presence can react.

Perhaps the Cylon have an ulterior motive not yet revealed to the viewers. What if the Cylon are pushing the Colonials to find Earth? The entire first two seasons could be an elaborate scheme to propel the Colonials.

The last tactical strike at the end of Season two, where the Cylon claim to have “given up” the chase and let the Colonials settle on New Caprica is a masterstroke. Everyone was absolutely taken by surprise (except for perhaps Adama and Roslin).

There was a comment that the Cylon are “less aggressive” after the destruction of their resurrection ship, that the Cylon consciousness was too far from the Cylon home world for help. It appears in the few months the Cylon now occupy New Caprica, they either built and jumped in another resurrection ship, or they built a resurrection facility on New Caprica itself. This is the only explanation why Conoy, Kera’s current keeper, was killed and reborn five times in four months.

That’s all for now. An excellent resource on exploring the world of Battlestar Galactica is the Battlestar wiki: http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/Main_Page.