ILE RPG brush file for SyntaxHighlighter

Below is a reasonably complete custom brush file for ILE RPG, for use with SyntaxHighlighter. It is current through i5/OS ILE RPG version V6R1 (aka 6.1).

Normally SyntaxHighlighter only highlights words, and not any special symbols around them. ILE RPG prefixes built-in functions with a percent sign (such as %abs), and some key words are prefixed with an asterisk (such as *inlr or **CTDATA). The function getFunctions allows the special symbols to be highlighted with the associated key word. Many thanks to user helen at the forums for providing it.

The brush language is rpgle (same as the source member type) or rpg4 (the informal RPG language version).

Download the file and place it in SyntaxHighlighter’s script directory. Add a reference to shBrushRpgle.js on the pages requiring it.

 * IBM ILE RPG brush file.
 * Current for version V6R1
 * Written by Hanna Goodbar <>, 2009, 2011.
 * getFunctions() code from helen at forums.
 * Updated for SyntaxHighlighter 3.0
	// CommonJS
	typeof(require) != 'undefined' ? SyntaxHighlighter = require('shCore').SyntaxHighlighter : null;

	function Brush()
	var bifs = '%abs %addr %alloc %bit(and|not|or|xor) %char %check(r)? %date %days '+
		'%dec(h|pos)? %diff %div %edit(c|flt|w) %elem %eof %equal %error %fields %float '+
		'%found %graph %handler %hours %int %kds %len %lookup(lt|ge|gt|le)? %minutes '+
		'%months %mseconds %nullind %occur %open %paddr %parms %realloc %rem %replace '+
		'%scan %seconds %shtdn %size %sqrt %status %str %subarr %subdt %subst %this '+
		'%time(stamp)? %tlookup(lt|ge|gt|le)? %trim(l|r)? %ucs2 %uns %unsh %xfoot '+
		'%xlate %xml %years';

	var opcodes = 'acq add(dur)? alloc and(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le)? begsr bit(off|on) '+
		'cab(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le) call(b|p)? cas(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le) cat chain check(r)? '+
		'clear close commit comp dealloc define delete div do dou(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le)? '+
		'dow(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le)? dsply dump else(if)? end(cs|do|for|if|mon|sl|sr)? '+
		'eval(r|-corr)? except exfmt exsr extrct feod for force free goto '+
		'if(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le)? in iter kfld klist leave(sr)? lookup m(h|l){2}zo monitor '+
		'move(a|l)? mult mvr next occur on-error open or(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le)? other out '+
		'parm plist post read(c|e|p|pe)? realloc rel reset return rolbk scan select '+
		'set(gt|ll|off|on) shtdn sorta sqrt sub(dur|st)? tag test(b|n|z)? time unlock '+
		'update when(gt|lt|eq|ne|ge|le)? write xfoot xlate xml-(into|sax) z-(add|sub)';

	var ckeywords = 'actgrp altseq alwnull aut bnddir ccsid copy(nest|right) cursym '+
		'cvtopt dat(edit|fmt) debug dec(edit|prec) dft(actgrp|name) enbprfcol expropts '+
		'extbinint fixnbr fltdiv formsalign ftrans genlvl indent intprec langid (no)?main '+
		'openopt optimize option pgminfo prfdta srtseq text thread timfmt truncnbr usrprf';

	var fkeywords = 'block commit datfmt devid ext(desc|file|ind|mbr) form(len|ofl) ignore '+
		'include indds infsr keyloc likefile maxdev oflind pass pgmname plist prefix '+
		'prtctl qualified rafdata recno rename saveds saveind sfile sln static template '+
		'timfmt usropn';

	var dkeywords = 'align alt(seq)? ascend based ccsid class const ctdata datfmt '+
		'descend dim dtaara export ext(fld|fmt|name|pgm|proc) fromfile import inz '+
		'like(ds|file|rec)? noopt occurs opdesc options overlay packeven perrcd prefix '+
		'procptr qualified static template timfmt tofile value varying';

	var pkeywords = 'export serialize';

	var figuratives = '[*]{2}ctdata [*]blanks? [*]zeros? [*](hi|lo)val [*]null [*]on [*]off '+
		'[*]all(x|g)? [*]start [*]end';

	var directives = '[/](end-)?(free|exec) [/](copy|eject|else|eof|include|space|title) '+
		'[/](un)?define [/](else|end)?if';

	var indicators = '[*]?in([01-99]|lr|(h|l)[1-9])';

	// Comments starting at column 7 for fixed format.
	var fixedcomments = '^.{6}[*].*$';

	this.getFunctions = function(list)
		return "(?:" + list.replace(/\s+/g, "|") + ")\\b";

	this.regexList = [
		{ regex: SyntaxHighlighter.regexLib.singleLineCComments, css: 'comments' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(fixedcomments, 'gm'), css: 'comments' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getFunctions(directives), 'gmi'), css: 'color1' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getFunctions(bifs), 'gmi'), css: 'functions' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(opcodes), 'gmi'), css: 'keyword' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getFunctions(indicators), 'gmi'), css: 'color3' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getFunctions(figuratives), 'gmi'), css: 'color3' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(ckeywords), 'gmi'), css: 'color3' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(fkeywords), 'gmi'), css: 'color3' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(dkeywords), 'gmi'), css: 'color3' },
		{ regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(pkeywords), 'gmi'), css: 'color3' }


	Brush.prototype	= new SyntaxHighlighter.Highlighter();
	Brush.aliases	= ['rpgle', 'rpg4'];

	SyntaxHighlighter.brushes.Rpgle = Brush;

	// CommonJS
	typeof(exports) != 'undefined' ? exports.Brush = Brush : null;

Watch this space for updates and refinements!

Update 21 Jan 2011: Updated for SyntaxHighlighter v3 and Textpattern.

Update 13 May 2009: Added more figurative constants and fixed-format comments.

This article was originally published on 9 May 2009.