Had a good day today

It’s been a long time since I could actually say that.

I’ve had a lot of “okay” days and a lot of up-and-down days and some really low and bad days, but very few where I was able to maintain a good mood, even happy, the entire day.

My roommate had to go to court this morning for a temporary order of protection (to be turned into a restraining order) filed by her ex. I was a little bummed that I wasn’t allowed in the courtroom with her, but it was made up for when she said he didn’t answer roll taken about 9:20. (Court started at 9:00 am.) She said a lot of cases on the docket were dismissed or had default judgement because one or the other party failed to show in court. So her case comes up and call her ex’s name several times, to no response. The restraining order was dismissed and expunged from her record! I’m not sure what her ex was thinking, not showing for court. But the restraining order was not called for, and I might be a little biased about that!

We had lunch at a hibachi restaurant and it was very good. I don’t hibachi often but when I do, I like a good filet minon. It was cooked a very nice medium with light seasoning. Of course, we also had rice and vegetables. Our chef didn’t make the onion volcano for us (we were all adults there) but a couple of other grills had volcanoes flaming and it was a nice sight to see for the kids.

It started raining on our drive home, but I really enjoy the rain and don’t find it too bothersome to drive in. She took a nap and left me the radio to play. Didn’t really care for the genre stations programmed in so settled on Z100 (out of NYC) pop. Luckily for me, it was “Take-Over Tuesday” with Taylor Swift. Some great songs by Jessie J and Meghan Trainor, as well as her own “Shake it off.”

Took a nap once we got home and woke up maybe 6:30 or so. Leah was sleeping on the couch and I was whispering “foooooood” to her until she woke up. Finally! We decided to get pizza and place a pick-up order at Dominoes. We go and pick it up - still in the rain - and weren’t home maybe ten minutes before the power goes off! I found my one candle - maybe I should buy more? - and light it. I also decided to light some incense, which was not my best decision without the air moving. Within minutes my smoke alarms are going off, so go find the ladder and open them to disconnect the batteries. The power stays off maybe an hour? And of course the smoke alarms start chirping because two are missing batteries. Ugh.

Since we had moving air now (fans and aircon) I decided to go to bed.

Even with the rain and storming, and the power outage, I was in a great mood and happy I could still be happy! My fear taking SSRIs or other mood-stabilizing medication is I would have no moods at all. But I do. Yay.