Moved to Hexo

So as good and easy Octopress / was to use, I’ve decided to migrate to Hexo.

Since everything runs on Node, the Rails setup / Rake process that Octopress had going on went away; and all of the commands fall under “hexo” instead of rake… Heck, I’ve used Ghost to do much of the editing, I’ve forgotten the commands.

I tried using a web interface for Hexo, but it isn’t as nice as running a command and editing the post in Atom. Plus, I’ve brought all of my site assets back in-house, so I can back up with Time Machine (using OS X) and store the site files on Dropbox (not a backup but super easy cross-platform editing since I’ve got Node and Git installed on a Windows machine).

Still in love with the static site concept and keeping as much of the source in plain text as possible. Some of the struggles I’m having at the moment is fine-tuning the site theme, working from a modified copy of the default landscape theme. I’m really interested in getting to the code highlighting used by Hexo, highlight.js, but haven’t figured out where everything is yet.

Been cleaning up the Ghost migration but overall pleased with Hexo.


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