Website, 2017 evaluation

Another year and I cannot believe I barely posted into the site. Major changes! Moved from Hugo to Grav, which has already solved one issue I thought wasn’t a problem until it became one. Moved hosting from IBM Bluemix to Linode. HTTPS! Site redesign! Let’s get cracking!

Over a year ago I thought Hugo would be the best fit for me, being a static site generator more in line with my workflow. However, that in combination with the Bluemix hosting, made updating the site difficult. First the site had to be regenerated, populating the public directory, then using cf to push the update to Bluemix. The problem is, the build pack for static sites had to be destroyed, re-downloaded, and reloaded into Bluemix (cf does this all automatically). Or perhaps there was something I overlooked to update just the folders inside the build pack? Regardless, updates could occur only from where I had the Hugo source and content loaded (my laptop). Ad-hoc updates were not possible, at least in my hosting configuration.

During the Christmas shutdown, I took the opportunity to look again at modern CMS packages. My requirements:

  • Flat-file based. I did not want to deal with database management and more complicated restoration scenarios.
  • Use Markdown for post content, since I had taken the time with Ghost and Hugo to convert most of the site content to Markdown.
  • Web-accessible front end for content creation, to allow for ad-hoc updates. Ideally, would also allow direct (file system) files to be placed, as well.
  • Easy to reproduce, so I can try new things out locally.

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