New year, new look

For 2019, I thought I would follow the wave of darker-themed sites, and try out a new theme. So we’re on the Hermit theme with some tweaks.

Post page mods

Something I finally implemented since my last update is the “making it a series” tweak that’s been on the About page. So far, I have the Urd series and vignettes for my writing. More may be forthcoming, it depends if I can find some of my old notes. Additional series can be found on the About page.


The default Hermit theme uses built-in fonts for each of the platforms. It’s nice for super-simple, but I do want a little bit more flair for the fonts. Also, the body font (on the Mac) is sans-serif, and I prefer a serif body and sans-serif titles and headings. Typefaces going forward are undetermined, so I decided to publish the update with the theme’s base fonts.

Code highlighting

One of the difficult decisions is to discontinue using client-side code highlighting. Hugo uses Chroma to enable server-side highlighting and I’m going to embrace it. I will lose highlighting for my IBM (CLP, RPGLE) and dBase code. I’ve already experimented with implementing UIM in Chroma, so we’re launching with that.

To enable custom Chroma highlighting, I’m using a custom-compiled Hugo with my Chroma updates. Normally, this site is checked into GitHub. Then Netlify pulls the repo and generates the static site itself. However, until the Chroma project accepts my pull request (forthcoming) for the UIM lexer, and the Hugo project updates with the latest Chroma, I pre-generate the static site and have Netlify pull the public folder without building anything.

Categories versus tags

Hermit also does not use categories; instead, everything is a tag. Thinking about this, I like the everything-is-a-tag approach, so have moved my major categories to tags. The list of former categories-now-tags is on the About page.


I’ve spent a bit of time in January making this change. So far I’m pleased with the updates and thinking it will be a good foundation going forward.