From blackrobes to mercuryroses: A story

I just wanted to spend some time talking about changing my brand, as it were, from the blackrobes identity to the mercuryroses identity.

When I started blogging in the early 2000s, I settled on the blackrobes brand. I was a fan of the DragonLance fantasy series, and one of my favorite characters was Raistlin Majere. Not to spoil a thirty-year-old series, he turns from the red robes of a neutral wizard to the black robes of an evil one. Not that my site was evil per sé but I thought it was a somewhat unique identity at the time.

I used blackrobes for over a decade, including running my own domain for several years. It was mostly fun, and I started with hosting everything on my own computers at home using various blogging engines such as b2, WordPress, and TextPattern.

When I started transition in 2013, the idea formed that perhaps I should retire the blackrobes identity. New me, new online brand, as it were. I settled on mercuryroses, a play on my name. Hanna Rose Goodbar → Hg, the chemical symbol for mercury → and roses from my middle name → mercuryroses. I also thought about doing an image of a rose made from mercury, but metallic colors such as silver and gold still look fake to me on computer screens.

About the time I started using Octopress for my blog was when I switched from blackrobes to mercuryroses. I like the blackrobes content and am working to bring as much or it as possible forward to the mercuryroses site. I’m still interested in different programming and web aspects, perhaps with a different focus than fifteen (!) years ago.

With all of the effort put into transition in the past four years, it’s taking me a bit to get back into things and get interested in blogging again. 2015 was a momentous year and I’m a little surprised I didn’t blog anything last year!

My experiments with Hexo, InkPaper, and Metalsmith are ways for me to get reacquainted.